Canola Oil – Soybean oil or sunflower oil? Here are some facts for you to understand and decide which oil is better:

A variety of oils extracted from plants is so great that it causes confusion among some consumers.The question may arise: Which oil is better for frying and which one is better for adding to the salad?

For avoiding all doubts, one has to know that all Vegetable oils are 100 percent fat and they contain 136 calories per tablespoon including 14 grams of fat. Therefore, there is no difference in oils concerning the obese, in terms of their calorific value.

Canola oil was extracted from the seeds of the rapeseed plant in the end of 19th century. In the beginning Canola oil was considered to be problematic, because of Erucic acid and Glucosinolates properties. It crosses between different varieties of the plant pulled out and receiving domesticated led Rape. It should be emphasized that Canola oil is produced from the domesticated oil pulled completely safe for human use.

Canola oil is the Most cooking one. It includes cholesterol, which is found exclusively in animal fats. Rape bar contains significant amounts of acid fiance and is known asntoxicity.

The benefits of canola oil: Canola oil is considered healthy because it contains high amount of monounsaturated fat. Like olive oil, canola oil helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, it helps in reducing oxidation of bad cholesterol, LDL and thus helps in preventing atherosclerosis and heart disease. Another important advantage of canola oil, is the presence of Omega-3 fatty component and its consumption associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks.

Which oil is the most suitable for salads? The truth is that vegetable oil fits any salad, especially Canola oil.Custom, according to your taste, enjoy the bounty as maintain health.

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