packing-icon History

At the beginning of 2012, ISRABAR Company was founded by the merger of two powerful and leading providers in the Israeli vegetable oils’ market. Currently, the company holds a leading position in the supply of products in Israel, Europe and Asia. The main activity of the company is focused on canola, corn, soybean and sunflower vegetable oils.

The success of the company lies in a well-established sophisticated business model based on the general director’s years of personal experience, modern technologies and highly professional work team. The company sets and maintains high business standards to ensure the transparency and risks minimization.

packing-icon Product sources

ISRABAR designated as the most credible supplier of both exporting and importing products, grabs a strong market share compared to other competitors in the vegetable oil market. The supply chain system within the organization involves logistics, storage systems, sales and marketing process in order to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

The imported oil is produced in Russia, Ukraine, Belorus and Baltic states

indusrty-icon Production Line and related suppliers

Processing of sunflower seeds up to 1,500 – 2,500 tons per day.
Refining up to 600 – 1,500 tons per day.
ISRABAR company puts emphasis on the products quality and manufacturing process. All products undergo extensive testing and only satisfactory products are being supplied to the consumers.

packing-icon Supply and packaging

Handling, packaging and delivery of the final product is based on the needs and expectations of each client.

Types of the packaging may vary from customer to customer – bottles of 0.85 liter. up to 10 liters. The bottles are packed in boxes (the whole packaging design is performed according to customer needs).

WE offer as well bulk oil packed in Flexitank (22-24 tons).

Certificates of Quality

We have the most necessary quality certificates to ensure the quality of the product, such as ISO, HACCAP, GMP etc.

Types of Kosher

The commodity comes along all necessary Kosher certificates. We work in collaboration with Badatz Orthodox community, Beyt Yosef and Badaz Eda Charedit

Sales and operations around the world

England, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Israel, India, Spain, Moldavia, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and China. ISRABAR continues to develop and grow dynamically while ensuring high quality and standards of the manufacturing process. Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani countries are among the markets ISRABAR is planning to penetrate in the upcoming periods.

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